Group tour "500 years in 5 days - The industrial heritage journey through time "

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Discover another side of Saxony.

Saxony is known to have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to architecture, music and art or even beautiful landscapes. But Saxony has another side...

From the "Rétablissement", its very own economic miracle after the Seven Years' War, to the Second World War, Saxony was Germany's leading economic region. It is worth looking at the witnesses of Saxony's industrial history. Their preservation and maintenance has a long tradition in Saxony: in 1908 the Frohnau hammer was the first technical monument in Germany to be placed under protection. Many sights are not "dead" museums, but living places where a great tradition is preserved. And for some, the old days are just part of an ongoing success story.

Come along on our 5-day journey through the boom in Saxony's industrial history and discover the living witnesses of a golden age!


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