Chemnitz Capital of Culture 2025 & World Heritage Ore Mountains

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The Capital of Culture 2025 and the World Heritage Erzgebirge, are waiting to be discovered by you!

Art and Culture, Industrial Culture, Sport and Activity - a visit to Chemnitz shows the many facets of the city. With the motto "C the Unseen", Chemnitz will be European Capital of Culture 2025.
The mining towns, the landscape, the cultural heritage, the people's attitude to life: they all vividly and multi-facetedly tell the authentic story of this unique region. A region whose underground treasures - silver, tin, cobalt, iron and uranium - once made Saxony's rulers rich. And its excellently preserved heritage is still a unique treasure worldwide today. UNESCO has also recognised this and awarded the Ore Mountains/Krušnohoří Mining Region - its official title - the title of "World Heritage Site" in 2019. A World Heritage Site just waiting to be discovered by you!

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Tourist-Information Chemnitz
Markt 1
09111 Chemnitz

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tel.: +49 371 690680
faks: +49 371 6906830
www: www.chemnitz.travel/en/planning-booking/tourist-information/contact

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