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Group tour In Luther's footsteps in the "Motherland of the Reformation"

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At original locations, the history of the Reformation in Saxony is still tangible today.

Living heritage: Saxony has been known as the "motherland of the Reformation" since the 16th century. The fascinating history is still tangible here today at numerous original locations. Let yourself be captivated on a 4-day tour!

Rarely has a dispute been as important as the "Leipzig Disputation". Given its historical dimension, its fame comes as no surprise. The verbal dispute between the reformers around Martin Luther and the theology professor Johannes Eck finally showed that a rapprochement between the two sides was no longer possible. As a result of the "Leipzig Disputation", the Protestant and Catholic churches emerged.

However, you re not just following in Martin Luther's footsteps in the trade fair city. You ll also shed light on the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach - because both personalities are united in music.

Your tour through the "motherland of the Reformation" begins in Dresden. Martin Luther preached here back in 1517 and one of the highlights of your stay in the historic capital of Saxony will be a visit to the Frauenkirche. The church is not only one of the most magnificent buildings in Dresden, but also has a special significance for the Reformation: according to Martin Luther, it represents the ideal image of a Protestant church building.

There is hardly any other place where the Reformation can be experienced as authentically as in Torgau. The town in the north of Saxony is home to various Reformation sites, which you ll explore on the third day of your trip. Here you ll have the opportunity to see a building of particular value: the castle church in Torgau. Luther himself consecrated the church, which is considered to be the first new Protestant church building, in 1544. You ll also learn exciting details about the life of Katharina von Bora, who died in Torgau and is buried in St Mary's Church.

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