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Group tour "IL Classico - Saxony's Florence on the Elbe "

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Discover the Saxon Elbland with everything that goes with it!

Do you already know Saxony's Florence on the Elbe?
The Saxon Elbland with its Elbe metropolis reflects an impressive setting in world history - spectacular architecture, impressive art and unique landscapes...
In the heart of Saxony, the Elbland combines culture and art with nature and enjoyment. Traditional history is not only to be found in the large Saxon state capital, but also in smaller, romantic towns along the Elbe. Dresden has borne the epithet "Florence on the Elbe" since the 19th century. In fact, the name Florence comes from the Italian city in Tuscany. Although not immediately obvious, parallels between Dresden and Florence do emerge. Clearly, they are similar in terms of their architectural image and artistic history.
Join us on our 4-day journey through the beautiful Elbe Valley of Saxony and indulge all your senses.

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