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Group tour "East, Easter, Upper Lusatia - Where the sun rises first"

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Go on a 5-day discovery tour through the easternmost landscape region of Germany!

Oberlausitz - Germany's easternmost landscape region. Located in the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic, Upper Lusatia has everything a traveller's heart could desire:

Heath and pond landscapes, rugged mountains and picturesque towns with unique histories. From the European City of Görlitz/Zgorzelec to the gates of the state capital Dresden and from the Zittau Mountains to the Spreewald, you will find many valuable cultural and natural treasures. The starting point of the tour is Bautzen. The silhouette of the 1000-year-old town towers impressively over the Spree. The city of towers is the cultural centre of the Sorbs, the smallest Slavic people in Germany. You can also immerse yourself in Görlitz's urban architecture with its more than 4000 cultural monuments. Discover the Zittau Mountains with its unique Zittau Lenten cloths.

Come along on our 5-day journey through beautiful Upper Lusatia and be woken up first by the morning rays of the sun.


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