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Group tour "Yesterday and today - Catholicism in Saxony "

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Explores centres of the Catholic faith that score points for their beauty and significance.

Change of sides: In the Reformation Year 2017, Saxony is not only focusing its attention on the Protestant Church. For there are also centres and monuments of the Catholic faith here that score points with their beauty and significance. It's worth exploring them!
Bautzen likes to travel on two tracks - you'll soon discover that during your visit. In this medieval town, not only German is spoken, but also Sorbian. And St. Peter's Cathedral also has a special dichotomy: Since the Reformation in 1524, the church has been used by both Roman Catholics and Evangelical Lutherans. This makes St. Peter's Cathedral one of the oldest simultaneous churches in Germany.
During your 4-day trip through Saxony, you will not only have the opportunity to experience Bautzen and the Catholic monasteries in Upper Lusatia. You can also marvel at the cultural treasures of Dresden. You will also visit the oldest castle in Germany in Meissen, where the life and work of St. Benno of Meissen, who - for somewhat obscure reasons - is now venerated as the patron saint of Munich, is presented in a special exhibition.


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