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Kids Playground House KISPI Grünbach

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A whole house designed and furnished only for kids. The two floors of the KINDERSPIELvogtLand offer plenty of space for games, dancing, fun and laughter.

The indoor playground of the KINDERSPIELvogtLAND e. V. is located in the Grünbach community center. Here children can climb, slide, romp around, browse, do handicrafts, play Playmobil or celebrate their children's birthday party to their hearts' content. Whether on the action stage or in the creative corner: the little ones can play, play, play on 650 m² ... The giant playground is completed by a children's driving school with six bright yellow speedsters.

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Kids Playground House KISPI Grünbach
Siehdichfürer Str. 2 a
08223 Grünbach

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tel.: +49 (0) 3745 751650
faks: +49 (0) 3745 751651
www: www.kinderspielvogtland.de

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