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Plauen thread factory

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Interactive world of experience for Plauen lace and embroidery

In the middle of the Elsteraue - at the foot of the historic old town of Plauen - is the "Fabrik der Threaden" Weisbachsches Haus Plauen - German Forum for Textiles and Lace.

As a new and innovative museum for the textile industry, the Thread Factory, with 1,200 square meters of interactive exhibition space, is located in one of the oldest surviving manufacturing buildings in Germany. Selected exhibits and machines are presented in conjunction with the most modern exhibition design and show the diverse facets of the Vogtland history of the textile industry.

Thematically structured exhibition areas on three levels present textile production, fashion, technology, as well as social and cultural history in a multi-faceted manner.

A modern and interactive educational offering offers numerous opportunities for discovery for young and old.


The facts about the museum:

  • listed factory building (Category C)
  • innovative exhibition concept on 1200 m²
  • modern design meets classic architecture
  • patented LED floor
  • interactive experiences

Na mapie

Plauen thread factory
Bleichstraße 1
08527 Plauen

Na mapie:
tel.: 03741-2912600
www: www.fabrik-der-faeden.de

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