Pirna-Sonnenstein Memorial

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Memorial for the victims of National Socialist euthanasia crimes in the years 1940/1941 at Sonnenstein Castle.

Situated on a rock plateau 70 metres high above the Elbe river, Sonnenstein castle, which originated as a Slavic settlement, developed into a defensive fortification over the course of several centuries. At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle was turned into a sanatorium for the mentally ill. The sanatorium was closed with the outbreak of WWII in 1939 and used as a military hospital.

To bear in remembrance the victims of these gruesome atrocities, the cellar rooms used for the exterminations have been reconstructed as close to the original as possible and have been opened to the public. In one of the memorial rooms, the fates of 22 "euthanasia" victims are documented. In an other room, the names of all victims are listed on a glass plate. A permanent exhibition about the "euthanasia" programme can be visited at the former administration building.

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Pirna-Sonnenstein Memorial
Schlosspark 11
01796 Pirna

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www: www.pirna-sonnenstein.de

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