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A varied and colourful adventure programme promises craftsmanship, surprises and lots of family fun.

The Räucherkerzenland Crottendorf offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. Colourful surprises are scattered on the spacious grounds, which can be discovered together. The museum, market area, café and creative workshops are a great option for bad weather. If the sun shines, the outdoor adventure playground offers a lot of fun. Absolute highlight in the Räucherkerzenland Crottendorf: make your own incense candles and take home a fragrant memory of the Erzgebirge tradition.

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Crottendorfer Räucherkerzenland
Am Gewerbegebiet 11
09474 Crottendorf

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tel.: +49 37344 / 138686
faks: +49 37344 / 138692
www: www.crottendorfer-raeucherkerzen.de

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