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Thüringer Hof zu Leipzig

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The Thüringer Hof restaurant dates back to 1454 and is famous because Martin Luther was a frequent restaurant guest.

Food and drink have been served in Leipzig's Thüringer Hof since 1454. As the oldest traditional restaurant in Leipzig, it is a must-see for every visitor, especially because it owes its fame to Martin Luther, a regular restaurant guest during his lifetime.

The restaurant is the perfect place for all kinds of festivities, with the historic Luther Hall (200 seats) and the glass-roofed inner courtyard (40 seats), suitable for both young and older guests. The Saxon-Thuringian kitchen serves countless delicacies ranging from Thuringian bratwurst to sauerbraten.

Monthly changing specialities, a varied menu for bus tour groups, as well as delicious travel group menus, round off the extensive selection and make the Thüringer Hof special.

Seats: 240 indoor, 40 outdoor

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Thüringer Hof zu Leipzig
Burgstraße 19
04109 Leipzig

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tel.: +49 341 9944999
www: www.thueringer-hof.de

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