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STOCKHAUSEN - the living land of toys

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Unique in Germany: the world of games and adventures for children and those who are children at heart in the Ore Mountains!

Fun for young and old on an area of 1100 square meters in the historic grain store of the medieval Saigerhütte Olbernhau. The hut, which is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, now includes the adventures Spielzeugland Stockhausen. On three floors children of all ages, as well as adults can play, romp, tinker and have fun. The extensive interior houses a giant play castle, playgrounds and a world of dice, all built of solid wood with a conscious renunciation of plastic and electronics. The Knirpsenland, the puppet theatre, the shop and the handicraft workshop offer a suitable balance for a little quieter activity. But not only for the little ones there is a lot to do. On the parents' playground, adults can also have fun with board and card games, as well as table tennis and seating areas. The bistro “Naschkiste” provides refreshment in between. Throughout the year, Spielzeugland Stockhausen invites families to play and enjoy. In summer, the beautiful garden area, the summer café and the sun terrace, as well as other outdoor games, enrich the Spielzeugland.

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STOCKHAUSEN - the living land of toys
In der Hütte 8
09526 Olbernhau

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tel.: +49 (0) 37360 / 71678
faks: +49 (0) 37360 79741
www: www.stockhausen-spielzeugland.de

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