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Theater Plauen Zwickau gGmbH - Vogtlandtheater Plauen

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Opera, operetta, musical, dance theatre, drama, philharmonic concerts and puppet theatre.

The theater in Plauen knows exactly how to redesign the repressive measures into a masterpiece of architecture in a very plastic way. The National Socialists turned the  former prestigious building into a rotten and austere hall during a 2-month long „restoration“ by means of a systematic destruction of the plastering works in the audience hall. Only after the building had been almost levelled to the ground, the reconstruction enabled the building to shine in a new splendor. The theater was put to a comprehensive reconstruction throughout the DDR-times: Based on the historic demands, the theater regained its former fame. Some years ago, a trove in the attic brought about a so-called “Wolkenapparat“ (Soundcloud) to light. Yet, it was not possible to make that kind of multi-functional light device of the latest state of art work and reminds today´s visitors of the 1920s.

Thanks to the fusion with the Vogtland theater in Plauen, visitors may profit from the extended ensemble. Both theaters come up with musicals, puppet theaters, drama, ballet, and an own orchestra.   

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Theater Plauen Zwickau gGmbH - Vogtlandtheater Plauen
Theaterplatz 1-3
08523 Plauen

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tel.: +49 (0) 3741 28134830
faks: +49 (0) 3741 28134835
www: www.theater-plauen-zwickau.de

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