Exhibition Mine Alaunbergwerk “Ewiges Leben”

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Historical alum slate mine from 1542, visitation of the old tunnels with competent tour (alum salt extraction, mining techniques, expansion, tunnel tour).

The „Eternal Life“ alum mine located in the pedestrian precinct enables visitors to find out about mining in the past and the production of alum. A treasure hunt in the mysterious world of mining brings out the child in adult men and women.

Historic alum mine from 1542, specialist guided tours of the old mine galleries (alum salt extraction, mining techniques, lining, gallery tours). Air raid shelter from 1944/1945.

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Exhibition Mine Alaunbergwerk “Ewiges Leben”
Haupteingang Reichsstraße
08523 Plauen

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tel.: +49 (0) 3741 529426
www: www.alaunbergwerk-plauen.de

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