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Experience a travel around the world of saunas in the Badegärten Eibenstock.

Whether in the Russian banya, the Finnish sauna, a Japanese sauna garden or in Turkish herbal steam baths - in the Eibenstock bathing gardens you can work up a sweat thanks to the world's sauna cultures. The bathing hall also offers numerous water attractions.

Overnight accommodation: The options range from the traditional romantic classic, the shepherd's wagon, to exclusive holiday homes directly on the natural bathing lake in the sauna area, hotels and guesthouses in the immediate vicinity of the bathing gardens, to holiday apartments in and around Eibenstock.

Current notice:
The Eibenstock bathing gardens are building for the well-being of their guests and are equipping themselves with new technology for another 25 years of bathing pleasure. Since 1997, the family-style swimming area has attracted many visitors from near and far to the beautiful Ore Mountains. During the construction period, the family garden will no longer be available for swimming. The large pool and the whirlpool are in operation for bathers. The sauna area is NOT affected by the closure and the structural restrictions.

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Badegärten Eibenstock GmbH (Bathing Gardens)
Am Bühl 3
08309 Eibenstock

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tel.: +49 (0) 37752 5070
faks: +49 (0) 37752 50711
www: www.badegaerten.de

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