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A masterpiece of European baroque architecture, among others with Wallpavillon, Glockenspielpavillon, and home venue of world-famous museums.

A Zwinger, or outer ward, is actually just the free space between the inner and outer ring of the city walls. In Dresden, the capital of Saxony, the most splendid outer ward in the world was created for the prestigious festivities of the European aristocracy in the early 18th century.

Pushed on by the architectural passion of Augustus the Strong, the originally simple plans for a new orangery suddenly gained in extent and size. These works of art for the court were created by architectural genius Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelmann and master sculptor Balthasar Permoser.

Plans for the construction of an adjoining palace were never realized, but in the 19th century Gottfried Semper's picture gallery and opera house were built on the planned site. Today the Dresden Zwinger houses several museums of the Dresden State Art Collections, including the Porcelain Collection, the Old Masters Picture Gallery and the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. In the summer, the Zwinger forms an atmospheric backdrop to a series of open-air events.

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Zwinger Courtyard
01067 Dresden

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