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Thermalbad „Therme Miriquidi“ - Thermal Bath

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The thermal spring in the Ore Mountains - 4 different thermal water pools (31°C to 35°C).

Thermal bath Wiesenbad - the spring of health in the Ore Mountains - is a centre for rehabilitation, prevention, wellness and medicinal herbs. The facility is situated in the wooded surroundings of the charming Zschopautal valley and looks back on 500 years of tradition in cures and baths.

Four different thermal water pools 31° C to 35° C, with sauna, steam grotto and light therapy, water depth 1.35 metres, bubble loungers, benches, neck showers, massage jets.

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Thermalbad „Therme Miriquidi“ - Thermal Bath
Freiberger Straße 33
09488 Thermalbad Wiesenbad

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tel.: +49 (0) 3733 5040
faks: +49 (0) 3733 5041188
www: www.wiesenbad.de

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