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St. Wolfgang Church Schneeberg

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In Schneeberg’s main church, the first monumental altar from the Reformation times can be found, which was created in the Cranach workshop.

One of the greatest and architectural excellently arranged churches of the late gothic era is to be found in Schneeberg. It was constructed from 1516 to 1540 by Hans von Torgau, a master - builder of the Saxonian Royal Court, combining gothic with renaissance elements.

In 1539, the church received the first and most complete altar of the lutherian reformation from the ateliers of Lucas Cranach. The altar with a total of 11 preserved panels is meant to be one of the reformations most important paintings and expresses sermon – like the reformator´s range of ideas.

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St. Wolfgang Church Schneeberg
Kirchgasse 7
08289 Schneeberg

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www: www.st-wolfgang-schneeberg.de

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