Nimbschen Convent

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The famous Nun’s Escape from the Marienthron convent included Katharina von Bora who later married Martin Luther.

Even the monasteries could not escape the Reformation ideas. In the spring of 1523, twelve nuns fled from the Marienthron convent near Grimma, nine of whom reached Wittenberg via Torgau, including Katharina von Bora, who later became the wife of Martin Luther. The convent complex known as Kloster Nimbschen was dissolved and continued as a commercial enterprise. Today, next to the picturesque monastery ruins, the Hotel Kloster Nimbschen is located in the former stables and granaries. In memory of the monastery and its famous resident, a chapel was built in the Gothic style.

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Nimbschen Convent
Nimbschener Landstrasse 1
04668 Grimma

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