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House Böttchergäßchen - Leipzig Museum of Local History

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The heart of the "Stadtgeschichtliches Museum" with directorate, collections and service facilities, special exhibitions, children and youth museum "Lipsikus".

The Stadtgeschichtliches Museum is the city of Leipzig’s historical memory. It is where objects and information connected to the city are collected, documented, annotated and presented in exhibitions. The museum’s “horizon” spans from the city of Leipzig’s origins in the Middle Ages though to the present day. Founded in 1909 on the basis of the collections of the Verein für die Geschichte Leipzigs (Leipzig Historical Society), the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig is today an association of several museums, each of which focuses on different subjects. Seen as a whole, they give a complete and detailed picture of the city’s cultural history. 

Our goal is to develop the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig into a vibrant attraction in the cultural landscape of the region – a magnet whose appeal will reach out far beyond the city’s limits, telling of the Leipzig’s culture and history, its public spirit and civic pride, yet without censoring controversial aspects.

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House Böttchergäßchen - Leipzig Museum of Local History
Böttchergäßchen 3
04109 Leipzig

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tel.: +49 341 / 965130
faks: +49 341 / 9651352
www: www.stadtgeschichtliches-museum-leipzig.de

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