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Castle and Park Lichtenwalde

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This radiant jewel with its romantic castle park fascinates with salons, treasury, manifold cultural offers.

Lichtenwalde Castle is so very different from other Saxon castles because it is surrounded by a network of fountains. One hundred of these fountain complexes are situated throughout the Baroque garden with more than 400 individual fountains connected by an intricate circulating system.

Visitors can experience a symphony of rustling leaves, splashing water and the sweet scent of flowers in the spring. Lichtenwalde Castle and Park was choosen as one of Germany's most beautiful park ensembles with good reason. Approaching the castle from the park’s avenue, one is left almost speechless by the impressive layout of this peaceful green paradise. While aptly illustrating the transition from Baroque to Rococo, the terraced park however never completely reveals itself to the visitor’s eyes. 

Lichtenwalde Castle itself houses the »Treasury« Museum which displays, on three floors, a great variety of ethnological exhibits. Also, visitors should not miss the largest and most comprehensive silhouette collection in Germany.

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Castle and Park Lichtenwalde
Schlossallee 1
09577 Niederwiesa

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