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Bach Museum Leipzig

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Multimedia based and interactive exhibition on the life and work of J.S. Bach.

How about trying to date a Bach manuscript? Or why not arrange a Bach chorale to your taste while exploring the sound of Baroque instruments? These are just some of the exciting activities demonstrating that a visit to the Bach Museum in Leipzig is by no means a passive experience!

The museum presents the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family in an interactive multimedia exhibition covering an area of 750 square metres. One of the highlights is the treasure room, where original Bach manuscripts and other precious items are on display. Prize exhibits include the console of an organ inspected and approved by Bach himself in 1743 from the erstwhile St John's Church, a casket containing relics from Bach’s tomb, and a recently discovered cash box once owned by the Bach family.

Furthermore, the pleasance, the audio room and the Café Gloria are all great places to relax after a busy time in the museum.



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Bach Museum Leipzig
Thomaskirchhof 15/16
04109 Leipzig

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tel.: +49 (0) 341 9137202
faks: +49 (0) 341 9137205
www: www.bachmuseumleipzig.de

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