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August Horch Museum

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118 years of automotive construction can be experienced first-hand at one of the original production sites in West Saxony in the August-Horch Museum Zwickau.

The August-Horch Museum in Zwickau is one of only two museums in Germany, located on an original production site dating back to 1904. Authentic stories and a unique journey through 118 years of automotive engineering are brought to life. With typical scenes, locations and historical premises, visitors are transported back to past decades. Route of Industrial Culture, the August-Horch Museum invites you to exciting events and changing special exhibitions. A visit to the museum is an experience for all five senses. An exhibition with multimedia stations to listen and touch, with unique exhibits to look at, authentic scents and a culinary rounding off with the in-house restaurant. The August-Horch Museum offers not only an extraordinary experience for all retro-lovers, car- and technology fans, but also for anyone with curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

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August Horch Museum
Audistraße 7
08058 Zwickau

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tel.: 0375 27 17 380
faks: +49 (0) 375 27173811
www: www.horch-museum.de/en

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