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Opening ceremony Chemnitz Capital of Culture 2025

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The European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 will be opened on 18 January 2025 with a large street festival and many other activities throughout the city centre. Everyone is invited, admission is free. The motto C THE UNSEEN is an invitation to make the previously unseen visible and rediscover it. This applies to local people as well as guests from outside. The official programme presents over 100 projects. In total, countless local players are organising around 1000 events. These include festivals, exhibitions, performances, concerts, culinary and sporting events as well as hands-on programmes. The Capital of Culture year will officially end with the start of the Christmas market on 29 November 2025. The European Partner City of Culture 2025 is the Slovenian-Italian city of Nova Gorica / Gorizia.

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Kulturhauptstadt Europas Chemnitz 2025
Hartmannstraße 5
09111 Chemnitz

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tel.: 0371/243513 60
www: chemnitz2025.de

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