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Bike Marathon in the Ore Mountains

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If mountain biking is a way of life for you, not just a hobby, if the passion for it comes from deep within you, then the Erzgebirge Bike Marathon is the right place for you. This takes place every year in the tranquil town of Seiffen in the Erzgebirge, which is famous for its Erzgebirge craftsmanship. Get ready, on 03 and 04 August 2024 the Erzgebirgs-Bike-Marathon will enter its 31st round.

On 03 August the Kids, Youth & Family Day will take place. From 09:15, even the youngest can compete, starting with the balance bike race and the various age groups through to the exciting unicycle race. From 14:00, families, friends and fellow travellers will also get their money's worth on the 20 km Gravel-Cracker-Seiffen-Tour. The Underpant-Ride will provide plenty of fun from 17:00, while the famous mountain sprint "Alp de Wettin" starts at 17:30.

The Race Day starts on 04 August at 09:00 for the EBM Gold (100 km), Silver (70 km) and Bronze (40 km). Join forces for the EBM TeamChallenge as well.

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Bike Marathon in the Ore Mountains
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