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35th Chemnitz Wine Festival

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From the end of July to mid-August, Chemnitz city centre will be transformed into an atmospheric wine festival for the 35th time.

At three connected markets in Chemnitz city centre, winegrowers' stands and lovingly decorated vine arbours invite you to enjoy a wide variety of wines and specialities from different growing regions. Saxon winegrowers also inspire our visitors.
Wine cocktails and tarte flambée, cosy street music, diverse artists and bands are popular highlights and a must for every wine lover.
The Saxon wine sovereign also drops by for the opening and doesn't miss the lively hustle and bustle.
Whether after a shopping spree, after work, meeting up with friends or colleagues, there is a cosy place for every guest to relax and linger in front of the unique backdrop of Chemnitz Town Hall. 

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Weideweg 15
09116 Chemnitz

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tel.: 0371-836 536 16
www: www.weinfest-chemnitz.de

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