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Robert Sterl House

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Robert Sterl one of the is an important representative of the German Impressionism. In the Robert Sterl house in Naundorf, his love for art is well protected.

The Saxonpainter, draftsmanand printmakerRobertSterlone of the mostimportant representativesof German Impressionism. The Robert-Sterl-Haus is one of the few preserved personal residences of an artist in Germany.  It contains paintingsfrom all periods,but also delivers the  insight into theprivacy of the GermanimpressionistRobertSterl.

Along with thecompletely preserved library of the artist,extensive gardens, andthe tombof the spousesSterl the Robert Sterl House offers visitorsa unique ensemble.The museumpreservesand maintainsthe artistic estate of RobertSterlwith morethan 2,600drawings,over one hundredsketchbooks, prints andpaintingsas well asnumerousprivate photographsandcorrespondenceof the artist.



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Robert Sterl House
Robert-Sterl-Strasse 30
01796 Struppen

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tel.: +49 (0) 35020 70216
faks: +49 (0) 35020 70218
www: www.robert-sterl-haus.de

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