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Panometer Dresden

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"DRESDEN IM BAROCK" and "DRESDEN 1945" are the current 360° panoramas by Yadegar Asisi, which are alternately exhibited in the Panometer Dresden.

In the Panometer Dresden visitors experience history at first hand. The 2700 sqm 360° panoramas by Yadegar Asisi, which are exhibited in rotation, show the baroque Dresden as well as the Dresden destroyed in World War II.

With the panorama DRESDEN IM BAROCK, Yadegar Asisi enters the baroque heyday of the Saxon metropolis. The artistic snapshot condenses the Augustan era from around 1695 to 1760: courtly splendour and the lively everyday life of the citizens, merchants, Elbe merchants, maids and craftsmen can be experienced in detail and in many different ways.

DRESDEN 1945 takes you on a 1:1 scale time travel to the Elbe metropolis immediately after the bombing in 1945. The destroyed city can be seen from the town hall tower, from which columns of smoke still rise. The project deals with tragedy and hope in Europe. Not only the tragedy of Dresden, but also the interactions in the warlike European history are addressed. In 1945, many European cities such as Rotterdam, Coventry, Stalingrad and Warsaw were destroyed in addition to German cities.

The presentation of the giant cycloramas is rounded off by accompanying exhibitions and films. Which panorama is currently on display can be read on the website above.

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