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The Görlitz Zoo brings the whole world under one roof – from typical domestic and forest animals to unique Central Asian animal species.

The natural and lovingly designed facility of the Görlitz Zoo impresses with its attention to species protection and the quality of animal husbandry. Shaped by the awareness for the preservation of flora and fauna in a regional and international context, more than 100 natural sites and other themed playgrounds enable a playful environmental education. In addition to domestic and forest animals typical of the country, the park also focuses on Central Asian animal species. With authentic backdrops and unique animals, the only Tibet village in Europe represents the connection to the world. The whole family can learn about the topics of globalization and sustainability. Other highlights include the adventure trail, the walk-in enclosure, the discovery barn, changing exhibitions and the animal park’s own snack barn with regional and sustainably produced products.

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Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz e.V. (Conservation Zo
Zittauer Straße 43
02826 Görlitz

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tel.: +49 (0) 3581 6693000
faks: +49 (0) 3581 6693001
www: www.zoo-goerlitz.de

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