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Health Resort Oberwiesenthal

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With 914 m above sea level Oberwiesenthal is the highest elevation city in Germany.

The highest elevation city in Germany (914 m above sea level) is embedded in the valley of the Fichtelberg and the Czech Keilberg, at the border with the Czech Republic. 

The Fichtelberg, at 1,215 m, is the highest mountain in eastern Germany and offers ideal conditions for athletes and for people just looking for rest and relaxation, winter or summer. 

The ridges of the Erzgebirge are among the snowiest regions in the low mountain range in Germany. For that reason, Fichtelberg offers the optimal winter conditions for winter sports enthusiasts and snow lovers.

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Health Resort Oberwiesenthal
Markt 8
09484 Oberwiesenthal

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tel.: +49 (0) 37348 155050
faks: +49 (0) 37348 1550182
www: www.oberwiesenthal.de

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