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The buildings from the Late Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau belong to the best preserved in Central Europe. Especially the Old Town fascinates the contemplator. The guildhall is one of the most prominent buildings. The guildhall steps and the dials of the guildhall tower clock from 1524 are particularly admirable.

The municipal theatre, the Art Nouveau department store, the impressive station building and the "Postplatz" represent the enclosed Gründerzeit-style quarter formed about 1900.

And there is another special feature: Separated after the war, in 1998 Görlitz and its Polish sister city were united to form the European City of Görlitz/Zgorzelec. Connected by a bridge, today, one can get to know one city and two cultures in one day.   

Located alongside the old trading route "via regia", Görlitz was an influential hub for trade and sciences in Europe during the Middle Ages. The unique hall houses with gateways, as broad as to allow a complete horse and cart, date from the times of the cloth workers. The "via regia" will be in the focus of the third Saxon County Exhibition in Görlitz in 2011.


Tourist information service, hotel and room-finding service, classical and thematic guided city tours and travel service, sale of theatre tickets and souvenirs, residency programmes, trips to the surroundings, shuttle and transfer services. 



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Görlitz Information & Tourist Service
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