Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theatre Görlitz-Zittau

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The curtain rises for musical theater, drama, dance and concert!

The music theatre in Görlitz is often called "The small Semper Opera". Apart from the cultivation of the international music theatre repertoire and dance theatre productions of the Görlitz Ballet,  the theatre deals with the cultural history of the three country region  Germany, Poland, Czech Republic. Since 1999, the theatre Görlitz has been producing music theatre for the entire cultural area Lower Silesia / Upper Lusatia.

With opera, operetta, musical and ballet performances as  well as concerts of its orchestra, the New Lusatian Philharmonic Orchestra,  the theatre regularly performs in the houses of Bautzen, Hoyerswerda, Kamenz, Zittau and - naturally - Görlitz. The offer is being completed by a varied program - from puppet theatre and productions of the youth theatre club, movies, revues, cabarets and panel discussions to small drama and music theatre productions.

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Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theatre Görlitz-Zittau
Demianiplatz 2
02826 Görlitz

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tel.: +49 (0) 3581 47470
faks: +49 (0) 3581 474736

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