Electric free-standing lift

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The freestanding, 50m high elevator gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Elbe valley from above. A bridge connects it with a forest path.

This free standing 50-metre high tower is built from steel and linked with a bridge to walking trails into the woods. It is the so-called „little brother“ of the similiar-looking historic lift at Buergenstock near Lucerne in Switzerland, which is 152 metres high.

The historic elevator is a perfect opportunity for nature lovers and tourists alike to quickly and easily reach the viewing point at „Ostrauer Scheibe“ and enjoy the stunning panorama to the Schrammstein rocks.

A ride in the elevator affords views over the Elbe valley and links you to quiet walking paths through the woods.

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Electric free-standing lift
01814 Bad Schandau

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tel.: +49 (0) 35022 90030
faks: +49 (0) 35022 90044
www: www.bad-schandau.de

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