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Moritzburg lighthouse

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The lighthouse in Moritzburg crowns the end of a 50-meter-long pier on the Großteich in Bärnsdorf. Once built as a backdrop for re-enacted naval battles, today it has primarily historical value as Germany's second oldest inland lighthouse and is a popular photo motif.

The lighthouse was built around 1768 on the orders of Elector Friedrich August III. Together with the pier and specially built wooden frigates, it served as a backdrop for the staging of a naval battle at the Dardanelles in 1770. In this naval battle of Cesme, the Russian fleet of Tsarina Catherine the Great defeated the naval army of the Turks. The victory was honored throughout Europe and the tales of the battle so fascinated Elector Frederick August III that he had a miniature version of the battle re-enacted.

The pagoda-like inland lighthouse is 21.9 meters high and built of solid stone. The appearance of the tower, whose facade is designed with an illusionistic facade painting of red rectangles, is reminiscent of North German brick architecture. Inside, a spiral steel staircase with 74 steps leads to the lighthouse.

From 2006 to 2007, the lighthouse was extensively restored and additionally equipped with a lighting system. This is switched on for special occasions. Visits to the lighthouse are possible within the framework of guided tours.

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Moritzburg lighthouse
Fasanerie 3
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