Dresden Funicular Railway

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Above the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Dresden, the funicular railway goes up and down the banks of the Elbe.

Above the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Dresden, two historical steep-grade railways go up and down the banks of the Elbe, on both sides of the Loschwitz stream. Both were built around 1900. Both are also tourist attractions and part of public transport in one. In addition to the funicular railway, thesuspension railway has established itself asamajor touristattractioninDresden.

The Dresden funicular railway is one of the most beautiful in Germany. Not only as a technical monument, but also its unique location on the picturesque Loschwitz Elbe slope attracts many visitors all year round.

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Dresden Funicular Railway
Körnerplatz 5
01326 Dresden

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tel.: +49 (0) 351 8571011
www: www.dvb.de/bergbahnen

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