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Convent St. Marienthal

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The oldest convent of the Cistercian Order in Germany that has been in existence since its foundation in 1234.

The collegiate church St. Marienthal is the oldest women's convent of the Cistercian Order in Germany, which has existed without interruptions since its founding in 1234. Hospitality according to the rule of St. Benedikt, whose rules our life here is based on, takes up a special place and shall be "bestowed on all who come to the convent". We kindly invite you for reflection and silence, recreation and holidays. For interested persons, we offer the possibility to spend a time of silence and reflection here after arrangement, in which you can work and pray with us. The Josefshaus and the residence of the convent administrator offer the possibilities of overnight stays for up to about 35 persons in single and double rooms.

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Convent St. Marienthal
St. Marienthal 1
02899 Ostritz

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tel.: +49 (0) 35823 77300
faks: +49 (0) 35823 77301
www: www.kloster-marienthal.de

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