Cathedral St. Petri Bautzen

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Bautzen Cathedral is the oldest bi-confessional church in Germany, having been used both by Catholics and Protestants for many centuries.

The cathedral St. Petri in Bautzen is one of Germany´s oldest and largest double churches, plus, it is the only church in Saxony that is home to both – the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. The late Gothic hall church is considered to be one of the most significant church constructions in Saxony and is one of the oldest church sites in Oberlausitz. Its most distinctive feature is the strongly protruding angulation, which is probably because the church was erected on the foundations of another church. Around the year 1000, there was, in fact, situated the first parish church at the same place. After the great town fire in 1634, the interior of the church was designed in the baroque style.

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Cathedral St. Petri Bautzen
Fleischmarkt 1
02625 Bautzen

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