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Altzella Abbey

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During the Romantic period, the remains of the former Altzella Abbey were turned into a landscape garden which has inspired many artists.

Altzella Abbey, also Altzelle Abbey (German: Kloster Altzella or Altzelle, previously Cella or Cella Sanctae Mariae) is a former Cistercian monastery near Nossen in Saxony, Germany. The former abbey contains the tombs of the Wettin margraves of Meissen from 1190 to 1381.

The premises and gardens, surrounded by the precinct wall of the former monastery, and known as the Klosterpark Altzella, are now maintained by the Schloss Nossen/Kloster Altzella Administration, and consist of a Romantic park, ruins and restored buildings, used for various cultural and religious functions, such as Corpus Christi processions. It also hosts conferences and private functions.

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Altzella Abbey
Zellaer Straße 10
01683 Nossen

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tel.: +49 (0) 35242 50450
faks: +49 (0) 35242 50433
www: www.kloster-altzella.de

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