Accessible Lookout Tower in Rathmannsdorf

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The observation tower at Rathmannsdorf offers unique panoramic views of the rock world of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Unique panorama view of the world of rocks of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains: Only 12 km away from the climate resort Rathen, you can find in Rathmannsdorf (urban district Höhe) a 15 meter tall look-out. This tower offers you a panorama view of the Saxon Switzerland and into the Elbe-valley direction Bastei. You need to climb the 81 steps to reach the top or you use the elevator which is also handicapped accessible. Backpacker and hikers can give their feed a break in the water-treading basin next to the tower. As of late a basin for the arms is also available.

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Accessible Lookout Tower in Rathmannsdorf
Pestalozzistraße 20
01814 Rathmannsdorf

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tel.: +49 (0) 35022 42529
faks: +49 (0) 35022 41580

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