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Panorama restaurant with summer terrace and beautiful view of the Elbland.

The Spitzhaus is one of the oldest pleasure houses of the Lößnitz on a hilltop above the Hoflößnitz. Built at the beginning of the 17th century (probably 1622) on an almost square ground plan, the two-story late Renaissance building was provided after 1656 with a high curved tent roof with octagonal ridge turret and lantern, which is attributed to the master builder Wolf Casper v. Klengel because of its similarity to the roof of the Moritzburg Castle Chapel. After several changes of ownership, the "high" or "pointed house", as it was soon called, came into the possession of the Saxon Elector in 1710 as a gift from Countess Cosel. It was used as the vineyard house of the electoral Hochhäuser Vorwerk. In fact, it belonged to the Hoflößnitz.

Since the time of Augustus the Strong, the Festssal has been used time and again for courtly revelry.

As a result of the decline of the Saxon. The Spitzhaus was auctioned off in 1889 and came into the possession of the innkeeper Friedrich Hermann Henicke in 1898.

Since then it has been rebuilt several times and in the meantime also served as a company holiday home of the VEB Feinstrumpfwerke "ESDA". Since 1997 the Spitzhaus is again a restaurant.

Source: Radebeul city encyclopedia, 2006

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Spitzhausstraße 36
01445 Radebeul

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tel.: 0351 8309305
www: spitzhaus-radebeul.de

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