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Elements DELI & Restaurant

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Chef Steffen Mießner welcomes his guests to Elements DELI & Restaurant. The extraordinary restaurant in the stylishly renovated factory hall of Zeitenströmung is considered a popular meeting place for all gourmets. The restaurant is characterized by its special ambience as well as the high-class creative dishes from a variety of international and regional cuisine, which provide the ultimate feast for the palate. The DELI scores with stylish furniture and a balanced and daily changing menu, which has something to offer for every taste. The concept also includes a cigar lounge, which is equipped with a fireplace and elegant reader sofas. In addition, a spacious terrace invites you to linger and enjoy in good weather. It is not without reason that Elements DELI & Restaurant is considered one of the hottest places to meet and enjoy.

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Elements DELI & Restaurant
Königsbrücker Straße 96
01099 Dresden

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tel.: 0351 2721696
www: www.restaurant-elements.de

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