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Caroussel Nouvelle

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The Relais & Châteaux Hotel Bülow Palais is the only hotel in Dresden with its own star restaurant, the "Caroussel". Chef Benjamin Biedlingmaier spoils his guests in a luxurious atmosphere with classic French cuisine, which is always served on Meissen porcelain in a colorful and playful way. A perfect symbiosis, as Meissen porcelain is the tableware of princes, kings and state guests. Beautifully located in the baroque quarter of the city, Chef Biedlingmaier delights with his own signature and only the finest ingredients. In addition, delicate gold notes in the interior, comfortable chairs and light wood give the restaurant a classic but elegant ambience. A visit is a must on a culinary journey through the beautiful, Saxon state capital.  

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Caroussel Nouvelle
Königstraße 14
01097 Dresden

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tel.: 0351 8003140
www: www.buelow-palais.de

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