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Café am Dom

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Enjoy aromatic coffee, Saxon cake specialties or a delicious sundae and experience the fantastic view of the Albstadt - that's what guests can do at Café am Dom in Meißen. In addition to the fresh homemade cakes and pies, it is also the exceptional hospitality and cozy atmosphere that provide a relaxing break from everyday life.

The café is located just a few steps from Albrechtsburg Castle, right next to the cathedral entrance. The time-honored building on the castle hill was built as early as 1526. The stylish interplay of history and modernity create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the café. In the historic barrel vault, the Café am Dom spoils its guests with a varied selection of cakes from its own production, coffee specialties, lovingly prepared ice cream sundaes and snacks for small appetites. While sitting together, guests can of course also enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer. In nice weather, the terrace offers 70 seats to sit relaxed in the sun or to let the warm summer evenings end quietly.

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Café am Dom
Domplatz 5
01662 Meißen

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tel.: 03521 45 76 76
faks: 03521 40 75 95
www: www.cafe-am-dom-meissen.de

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