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St. Ottokirche Wechselburg cycle path church

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On 23 April 2023, this year's cycle route church season will be opened with a service at St. Otto's Church at 2 pm. Afterwards, there will be coffee and the opportunity to visit the church tower.

Since June 2019, St. Otto's Church in Wechselburg has held the title of a cycle route church. It is still the only one in Central Saxony. It welcomes cyclists who are, for example, travelling along the Mulde Valley Cycle Route.
"Cycle route churches, like motorway churches, serve as an opportunity for guests to stop and reflect on their journey. Since then, the church congregation has been creating a hospitable environment in and around St. Otto's Church," explains Toni Knorr from the Wechselburg church council.
In the church garden, there is a rest hut and a bicycle parking area. Tools for bicycle repair, a tyre repair kit and an air pump are provided. There is a guest book and prayer book in the church as a special place of prayer, and spiritual texts, a Bible and a hymnal are also laid out.
Twelve information boards located inside and outside the church provide a comprehensive and varied range of information about the art-historical significance of St. Otto's Church. By means of a QR code, visitors can find further information on the internet, vivid images from never-before-seen perspectives and sound samples of the organ. An audio guide offers a deep dive into the history and interpretation of the symbolic design of the church building;

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Kirchgemeinde Rochlitz-Wechselburg
09306 Rochlitz

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www: www.kirche-rochlitz-wechselburg.de

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