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KOSMOS Chemnitz

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On 8 June 2024, the KOSMOS Festival will take place around the Chemnitz castle pond. The festival for democracy provides a stage for regional and international projects, positions and ideas. People from the fields of art, music, sport, business, politics and society come together to discuss in a variety of formats: Discussions take place in empty shops, a kebab takeaway becomes a dance floor, a multi-storey car park becomes a reading room, a launderette becomes a workshop venue. It enables an exchange between creative artists and committed citizens on relevant topics of our society and the future of Chemnitz and Europe. Here, the democracy of tomorrow can be shaped by presenting ideas and visions of all participants, regardless of origin or religion. It offers an opportunity to stand up for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and civil courage and to actively participate in the further development of the city and its residents.

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KOSMOS Chemnitz
Schlossteichstraße 20
09113 Chemnitz

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