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Experience exhibition "The King's Games" at Pillnitz Palace

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Playing like in August's time? In the Orangery of Pillnitz Palace & Park it's all happening again.

In the time of Augustus the Strong, Pillnitz Palace Park was a real playground. In summer, the court cavorted there. To prevent boredom, there were tournaments, competitions and carousel rides. There were 60 table and board games, huge swings, a badminton court, bowling alleys, a Ferris wheel and much more. It's a pity that there's nothing left of it, isn't it? We think so too! That's why the play castle is now coming back to life. 

Get in and try it out! Four modern carriages go round in circles as you try to stab for bullets with a lance. "Ring racing" is what it used to be called and was meant for the ladies at court. A few of the craziest and most creative games are presented in the Orangery with pictures and texts.

Not enough yet? Then descend to the cellar. There you will meet - digitally of course - a clerk from the 18th century. What was played and why? What did the castle park look like back then? Find out in a multimedia conversation with impressive insights.

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Experience exhibition "The King's Games" at Pillnitz Palace
August-Böckstiegel-Straße 2
01326 Dresden

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