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With a view from Sebnitz into the Kirnitzschtal valley

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  • Start: Sebnitz National Park Station
  • Cel: Stop Lichtenhainer Waterfall
  • średnia
  • 16,56 km
  • 6 h
  • 458 m
  • 429 m
  • 160 m

This scenic route hike takes you from Sebnitz along the Panorama Trail to the Großstein and from there into the Kirnitzschtal valley via the Kuhstall to the Lichtenhain waterfall.

The tour has a moderate route profile, but is still almost 17 kilometres long and can be classified as moderately difficult, but does not require any special skills. After a short but nevertheless crisp climb out of Sebnitz, the route is relatively flat via Lichtenhain and crosses the Panorama Trail, which offers an interesting view of almost the entire rear of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland and, in good weather, even as far as the Hohe Schneeberg.

Continuing in the direction of the Kinitzschtal valley, you pass the so-called Großstein - an impressive view over the Kirnitzschtal valley to the rear of Saxon Switzerland.

From the Kinitzschtal valley, the trail continues into the Saxon Switzerland National Park - specifically the Kleiner Zschand - until you reach the famous Kuhstall, which is worth discovering and exploring.

From the Kuhstall, the tour then returns to the Kinitzschtal valley to the Lichtenhain waterfall, where the tour comes to a fitting end.


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