Thum circular route

W skrócie

  • Start: At the Neumarkt, 09419 Thum
  • Cel: At the Neumarkt, 09419 Thum
  • średnia
  • 7,69 km
  • 2 h
  • 165 m
  • 597 m
  • 490 m

Look forward to some animal magic at the zoo and a picturesque view from Thum’s “Bastei” on this hike around the mining town.

In addition to the cactus garden at the town hall and the zoo, the hike also includes an ascent to the Georgfelsen, also known as the “Bastei” (“bastion”). Enjoy the view over the town and take a side trip to admire Ore Mountains woodcarvings at the Schnitz-Museum (Woodcarving Museum) in the district of Jahnsbach. The mining discovery trail and the educational trail along Thum’s narrow-gauge railway are also worth checking out.

The route is marked white-yellow-white.

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Nawierzchnia trasy

  • Nieznane (7%)
  • Ulica (8%)
  • Asfalt (47%)
  • Żwir (14%)
  • Szlak wędrowny (24%)


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