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Through the Dresden Heide, Schönfeld Highlands and Dresden Vineyards

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  • Start: Rosengarten Dresden
  • Cel: Rosengarten Dresden
  • średnia
  • 51,44 km
  • 4 h
  • 291 m
  • 351 m
  • 108 m

The scenic tour shows the forests and fields in the north of Dresden, leads over the highest point of the city, the Triebenberg, and presents the vineyards in Dresden Pillnitz on the way back.

This bike tour is something for nature lovers! It first shows the beautiful paths of the Dresden Heide, the large forest area north of the city. Further it leads in the direction of southeast over field paths, always somewhat uphill, to the, with 383 meters, highest point of Dresden - the Triebenberg. After continuing through the beautiful landscape of the Schönfeld highlands, we turn around in Pirna OT Bonnewitz and cycle directly below the Pillnitz vineyards back towards Dresden.



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