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Through the Abtwald near Burkhardtsdorf

W skrócie

  • Start: Train station Burkhardtsdorf
  • Cel: Train station Burkhardtsdorf
  • średnia
  • 11,80 km
  • 3 h 10 min
  • 248 m
  • 578 m
  • 397 m

This hike takes you through the Eckhardtteiche nature reserve and on to the Buschmühlenteich pond, which enjoys a romantic setting in the forest. Along the way, you will pass a medieval hunters’ rest spot and enjoy some magnificent views.

The vast, idyllic Abtwald near Burkhardtsdorf is a forest made for hiking and relaxing. Starting at Burkhardtsdorf train station, the trail leads past the quaint Eckhardtteich pond. Shortly afterwards, you will come to the refreshing water therapy pool. The path then continues uphill, over meadows, until you reach the Abtwald. At the “Steinerne Tischl” (“Stone Table”), a prominent rest spot that has existed since the Middle Ages, we have the opportunity for a short break. The route continues to the Buschmühlenteich pond, which is romantically situated in the forest. Afterwards, there is a short ascent. For a little while, follow the Eisenstrasse, which offers a wonderful view of the Erzgebirgskamm ridge. The descent into the valley, along the Zöpfelsteig, will take you back to where you started.

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  • Ulica (5%)
  • Asfalt (8%)
  • Żwir (26%)
  • Szlak wędrowny (56%)
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